J. Poles Home

As an experienced and in demand interior designer, Jack Poles, who has also had his work published in leading design publications, had a passion for also creating a line of candles, where the blend numbers represent the person or the year connected to that memory.  He has personally overseen and created a custom line of soy-based candles that preserve the artistry of nature in custom blends that are original. This line of candles match his passion for all aesthetic senses, not just visually and in tactile form, but also as an unforgettable experience with perennially favorite scents that are familiar and treasured, even as they are also embodied in the soft glow of candlelight.

As the seasons come and go, our desire to create something magical and unique for family and friends beckon us to select those one-of-a-kind items that will distinguish our hearth and home as something distinctly our own – something unique to our individuality.   The gift of scent is as evocative and powerful as a room painted in whispery hues of soft ivory and pale blue.  Trends in interior design may be on-trend or classic and timeless, but it is that first deep breath of “I’m here” that will be remembered when the client has selected appealing scents that bring back a rush of serene and happy memories for family and guests. 

Discriminating clients will always seek an expression of who they are in many personal ways, from the selection of music to the texture of fabric to a breathtaking view.  While professional design is tailor made for each client, so too should the gift of fragrance be as original and distinctive -  in the form of a beautiful candle, that is a part of the whole tapestry and mood of the room where guests are made welcome.  

For those who vigorously eschew the common place for the original, J. Poles Home Collection offers a luscious array of relaxing and evocative candles to create such a mood and feeling.